Hotel & hospitality

Hotels & hospitality

Get more from your hotel, leisure or hospitality property at every stage throughout its lifecycle – from investment to disposition.

Explore markets

Identify the right market and property to invest in driven by your vision, and current and predictive tourism trends. Get highest and best use recommendations for land or built environments.

Get strategic investment advice

Analyze important market and property trends. Get accurate property valuations and advice to maximize value and minimize risk in your hospitality portfolio.

Buy property & source capital

Find the investment opportunities suited to your preferences, source capital at a competitive rate, and get contract review and due diligence support. Lower your rate when refinancing an existing investment.

Design, develop, or renovate

Deliver beautiful, functional spaces for guests and the community. Ensure that every element of your project, from cost control to vendor selection, is closely managed. Bring your vision to life.

Let’s SEE

Explore markets, enhance the guest experience, discover hotel investments or connect with global investors.

Manage hotel operations

Deliver the best possible experience for your guests with informed, proactive management and smart investments.  Get strategic input on key decisions and procedures – from operator selection and contract negotiations to budget and capital spend.

Sell hotel property

Determine your exit strategy and get your asset in front of the right buyers with strategic property marketing. Access a global network of hotel investors, and get due diligence support throughout the disposition process.